Big Weekend Backstage Karaoke!

Guys I don’t know if anyone has already posted this but there’s Dan singing at 0.40 and at 0.56!


Bastille // music videos + lyrics

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Dan Smith: Self-proclaimed idiot

Dan,you idiot :)

He’s an proper idiot

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@bastilledan: to the bleed’in stage (x)

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Two very different type of people talking about Dan Smith’s hair, in the “flaws” - bastille comment.

So I laughed Way Too Hard at this…

Especially at Timothy’s reply

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  1. Director: so the bad_news video is going to be all films with loads of cool grainy effects
  1. Dan: aw yea
  1. Director: oh and we're going to have some transition clips of an up close of your mouth
  1. Dan: oh

Su di me

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